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A clothes dryer that performs its Job quickly is a dryer that will save you time & money! When a dryer cannot freely exhaust damp air heat and lint to the outside dry times will increase. The longer it takes to dry clothes the more electricity a dryer will use. Just take a look at the size of the plug going into the wall. Anything that generates heat uses a good bit of electricity.

Heating your clothes is not the only way a clothes dryer will use electricity. If your laundry room is located in a air conditioned home vs a garage the dryer is vacuuming AC or heat into itself at a rate of up to 200 cubic feet per min. The dryer is pulling air in and putting air out very fast. In a short amount of time a clothes dryer can vacuum a large amount of air out of your house changing your homes temperature significantly. Your air conditioner or heater will have to make up for this temperature fluctuation. In terms of energy loss this is more then leaving a door or window open its air getting exhausted from your home.

This process uses electricity and will also cause your air conditioner or heater system to need to be replaced or repaired more often not to mention your dryer. A gas dryer still pulls in the same amount of air as electric so they can save money on a energy bill in this way also. In most cases if it has been more than a few years since the customer has had their dryer vent cleaned we are able to get the dryer to perform its job in half the time. That’s right, your clothes will dryer twice as fast. This has been calculated to save 10%-20% on on you electricity bill on an annual basis. We have found in most cases annual cleaning of the dryer vent exhaust system tends to pay for itself. Having your dryer vent system properly cleaned is a no brainer once you understand how it all works. Professional cleaning by a certified technician saves time, money, and most importantly a annual cleaning and inspection saves lives!

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