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Sandra M. :  We learned so much from this dryer vent cleaning service visit. All of your dryer vent cleaning and dryer vent repairs were explained in a clear and concise manner. It was like dryer vent cleaning and dryer vent repair class 101 a college course. Thanks so much for a wonderful dryer vent cleaning process experience.


George F.:   The dryer vent cleaning representative was neat in appearance and thorough in his work. He kept me advised before and during the dryer vent cleaning, and the vent repairs. Great tools too.


Mr. Smyth:  Dryer Vent Service Tech was excellent. I highly recommend him and your Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair Company!  This Tech deserves a raise! I hope your company has more quality people like him. Thank You.


Barbara G.:  Ron was very professional and friendly, felt very comfortable that the entire dryer vent system was inspected and cleaned thoroughly. All dryer vent repairs were done.


Larrymore S.:  Service Tech performed the work competently and efficiently while demonstrating professionalism and great customer service. We will absolutely recommend him!  PS. Dryer now works perfectly.


Camolla F.:   Richard was outstanding. He was courteous, informative and willing to explain the dryer vent cleaning. When he left the area was cleaner than when he arrived. Will highly recommend Dryer Vent Cleaning to others.


S. Sawyer: The best dryer vent cleaning service that I’ve had.  Provided exceptional customer service; professional, courteous and thorough.


Anthony G.: The Technician was a wonderful young man, did a super job and cleaned up after himself. We are very satisfied with the dryer vent cleaning.


Julie H.:  Service Tech is not only an amazing dryer vent cleaning technician, he’s an amazing guy as well. He’s very determined to get to root of the problem with the dryer vent repairs. He explained everything to us about the dryer vent cleaning as well.


Donna L.: Ronald was very informative. He answered all our questions about dryer vent cleaning and dryer vent repairs as well. He was a pleasure to work with. Now our dryer vent is clean and safe.


T. Moran:  Service Tech was very personable. He wasted no time completing the dryer vent inspection and cleaning. We highly recommend this company.


 C. Johnson:  Tech arrived on time, in a professional uniform and with protective equipment. Great Services, Friendly, and will definitely call them in the future.


 Alan H.: We had our dryer vent cleaned and a section of the vent repaired. We feel much safer now and we will continue using your dryer vent service.

 Authur T.:  Ron was very courteous and through. He has excellent knowledge of dryer vent cleaning and vent repairs. What an asset!

 Jennifer M.:  My technician was great. He was open to answering my question about the dryer vent cleaning and provided me with great detail. He is an asset to your team.

 Paul M. :  We received quality service from a quality individual. Our dryer vent was cleaned and the dryer vent elbow was replaced.

 Maria G.:  Had Tech out to clean dryer vent. He was very informative and did a great job!  Would highly recommend this company to my friends.

 Jane W.:  A very nice and clean tech. Not afraid to have this man in my home. He knows how to professionally clean a dryer vent!

 E. Johnson:  The Dryer Vent Technician was very knowledgeable, professional, and processed excellent customer service skills. My dryer vent is clean and the dryer vent cover was replaced. Boy, do I feel better.  More than happy to refer to anyone I know.

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