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Most dryer vent alterations or reroutes are needed because of some kind of code violation or safety hazard. There are three main reasons a dryer vent may need to be rerouted:


  1. It’s Too Long – If your dryer vent is over 35 ft in length it’s non code compliant and poses a potential fire hazard if it is not well maintained, boosted (with a dryer exhaust booster fan) or rerouted to a shorter safer distance. It is important to note, when measuring the total length of the dryer vent, that each 90 degree elbow accounts for 5 ft and every 45 degree elbow accounts for 2.5 ft of the total length.

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     2. Too Many ElbowsIf your dryer vent routes downward then upward or it has too many elbows,

         the fact that it may be short and the right type of material, usually isn’t good enough. These twists and

         turns or dips and rises in your dryer vent create traps for lint and debris.

     3. The Termination Point is Unsafe and/or Non-Code Compliant – If your exterior dryer vent cover 

         is below ground level, this can cause serious complications because when it rains water will collect inside of the

         vent and cause airflow blockages, mold and rust.  Another problem is with the type of roof vent cover. If the

         wrong cover is installed on a roof vent, it is almost always easiest to reroute the dryer vent through another exit

         point and install the correct cover rather than trying to replace it.

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