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Dryer Vent Repairs

Dryer vent repairs are important for rectifying any malfunction such as punctures, joint connections and leaks. If the wrong type of material is used for the dryer vent, issues can develop. Vent repairs can rectify this by installing the correct type of dryer vent for your home. These issues can lead to more serious outcomes such as fires, carbon monoxide accumulation, energy loss and mold. By addressing these issues before they have an opportunity to cause damage is the key to success. It is often difficult to detect issues within your dyer vent. By scheduling an annual inspection, you can ensure your dryer is working properly. Punctures, joint connections and leaks are dangerous to leave untreated. As stated previously, these issues can lead to fires, carbon monoxide accumulation, mold and energy loss.


If your vent was improperly installed by another provider, we will repair it and ensure it is in working condition. We continue to provide our customers with repairs for faulty vents. One of the main reasons why a vent may have been improperly installed is due to the wrong vent material. Vents should be constructed out of approved materials that are non-combustible. Plastic vents should not be used as they pose a safety risk. We can easily and effectively replace these types of vents for your home. We understand the importance of longterm safety and therefore only work with the highest-quality materials that are guaranteed to work well with your dryer. Replacing faulty vents is one of our main services. We will gladly repair and replace vents that are non-compliant. 

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