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About Us

Why Choose Trinity Dryer Vent Services?

Trinity Dryer Vent Services cleans clogged dryer vents in both residential properties and Commercial properties. This service will provide homeowners and businesses the opportunity get the best performance from their dryers, reduce their electricity bills, and reduce the risk for fires. We work with homeowners, HOA’s, property managers, tenants, and commercial properties. We are fully licensed and insured.


It’s important that your entire dryer vent system is professionally cleaned on an annual basis. This will ensure that you dryer and vent are free of lint, debris, and other materials that could reduce efficiency and cause the dryer to work harder and run longer. The cost for a new dryer is very expensive. You already know that appliances have a big impact on your energy bill. Running the dryer for longer periods of time will make that bill even higher. If saving money isn’t enough to convince you, consider that 92% of house fires that start in the laundry area are traced to dryers. These fires are also difficult to spot and put out before they cause major damage because people rarely stay in the laundry room once they’ve loaded and started the machines.


We will help you protect your home from fires by ensuring your dryer vents and dryer are performing efficiently. During inspection Trinity Dryer Vent Services will identify any fire or health hazards that might be present due to any obstruction in the vent system, or non‐code materials. We Guarantee Results. We Believe in What We Do. We offer a One-Year Workmanship Warranty.  With our workmanship warranty on any installation or repairs that proves deficient for one year after the completion. This excludes normal wear and tear, acts of nature, or the appearance of tampering.

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