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Special Offers

Cleaning Plans

Trinity Dryer Vent Services would like to offer our customers a way to schedule your dryer vent cleanings on a more defined time line. Often times dryer vent cleaning is over looked or forgotten all together. The leading cause for dryer fires results from failure to clean the dryer vent. This is a major contributor to residential and multi-unit building fires. We would like to offer you a program that makes dryer vent cleaning as easy and timely as possible for you.

​We have three plans that should accommodate your schedule for dryer vent cleaning. There’s a six month, twelve month or eighteen month interval to choose from. This will assist with keeping your dryer vent cleaned and reduce the possible of a fire. With a scheduled plan, you can maximize your cleaning price discount. Please contact us to schedule your next appointment.

This Is The Process

1. Complete Your First Cleaning

It all starts with getting your first dryer vent cleaning. After your first dryer vent cleaning, you can enter the program.

2. Choose Which Cleaning Program Is Best For You

Our service technician will make a recommendation after completing the diagnostic inspection. It’s your choice to have the cleanings done more or less frequently than what we recommended. After you choose the plan that you want, we will schedule accordingly. The selected program starts from the date of your last vent cleaning. You have up to a month after your last cleaning to decide if you would like to sign up for a plan and receive the discount pricing plan. The following are our discounts associated with the three plans that we offer.​​

  • 6   Month Plan - $20 Off

  • 12 Month Plan - $10 Off

  • 18 Month Plan - $5  Off

3. Choose Your Plan

Choose your plan, and we will schedule your next dryer vent cleaning date. We will email or call you one week prior to your next scheduled appointment. At any time, you can call us to make changes to the date and time of your upcoming scheduled appointment. On the day of your appointment, the technician will notify you of the arrival time. After each dryer vent cleaning, the technician will verify with you about continuing the same vent cleaning interval for your next appointment.


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