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Special Offers

Property Management Company Partnerships

We work with property management companies and would love to partner with your management company as well. We can help you keep your dryer vents clean, dryer running more efficient, which will reduce electrical costs and dryer maintenance cost. Your properties will be at less risk of having a fire. It works best if you build dryer vent cleaning cost into the annual maintenance cost and get on an annual cleaning program with us.

Even if you have your own maintenance technicians, dryer vent cleaning can often be done incorrectly. We will professionally clean your dryer vents. This means safety and efficiency. This also protects the dryer from failure caused by poor venting and inefficient vent service. Additionally, you are able to have a regularly scheduled dryer vent cleaning program to manage this fire hazard. The vent cleaning costs are highly discounted, because we value your volume of business as a property management company. There are several ways to schedule vent cleaning. We will work closely with you and the tenants.

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