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About Us

Dryer Vents Are All We Do

Many companies focus on servicing multiple property areas such as air ducts, Air Condition Systems, chimneys or gutters, while offering dryer vent cleaning as a secondary service. Trinity Dryer Vent Services offers specialized services for only one focused area, and that is dryer vents, (cleaning, repairing, installing or alterations). Trinity Dryer Vent Services is very focused on these services and we provide a high level of precision, knowledge, and skill that are unmatched in the dryer vent service industry. By concentrating only on dryer vent cleaning, maintenance, installation, and repairs, we are able to give our customers the guarantee that their dryer vent is operating as safely as possible. We comply with the current regulations to reduce the risk of fire. Our goal is to provide this guarantee to our community, making each family and home safer.

Dryer vents are what we do, every day all day. We know the code, and we know best practices from our years of service. Making your vent clean, safe, and efficient isn't a secondary service, it's the focus-point of what we do.

Thanks to our strict specialization, we’ve seen far dryer vent problem than most companies. This gives us more experience and expertise to solve dryer vent problems in a timely manner. Our technicians are trained to handle all dryer vent challenges they may encounter, deal with these issues during the same visit. Our service vehicles are equipped with materials to complete vent cleanings, repairs and installations as needed. All of the services are issue of safety first. Calling a specialist is the best way to ensure you’re doing everything you can to prevent a fire, or any other health risks associated with clogged or improperly installed dryer vents. Don’t take a chance on the amateurs, call the experts at Trinity Dryer Vent Services for your professional dryer vent cleaning, installation, or repair today.

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Professional Certification

Get the job done by our certified dryer exhaust technicians. Using professional equipment, our knowledgeable team of experts will give you satisfying cleaning or repair services. We use the latest industry standards to remove the dangerous lint build-up in your dryer exhaust ductwork, eliminating the leading cause of house fires from your home. We have reliable and friendly professionals committed to going above and beyond to provide you the most efficient service and best experience.

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