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It is important that the duct work behind the dryer is constructed of metal material. If the fire spreads from the Dryers heating element into the Dryer vent system the metal pipe will be able to contain the fire better then a flammable foil or plastic Duct. These foil and plastic ducts located behind your dryer not only are flammable but they also restrict your systems air flow. Most dryers from 1997 and up have a sticker on that back stating “Fire Hazard” Use a heavy metal vent. Do not use plastic vent .Do not use a metal foil vent. Failure to follow these instructions can result in death or fire! Duct work should be metal. We have tested the air flow difference between these ducts (metal & Foil) and found a 20%-30% increase in airflow with the proper metal vent when measured with our air flow measurement device. See video below. We believe that it is best to have this ductwork behind the dryer professionally installed. If the ductwork behind the dryer is not sealed properly it will leak flammable lint along with hot air. In the case of a Gas heated dryer carbon monoxide will leak into the laundry room if not attached properly. If lint is leaking behind the dryer the dryer will draw this flammable lint into the heating element coils and may cause a fire.​

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